RoseWater Capital Group has the ability to step into any project at any stage and ensure its success through its network of strategic partners. With our track record of past and current successes, we bring a wide array of disciplines to the project.

Land Acquisitions
Raw land, lands needing to be upzoned or lands that are ready for construction, we can assess many stages of the process and determine the best development strategy. We work with all the participants to achieve the highest and best use.

Equity financing
Whether it's a simple cash injection, a necessary round of financing or construction funding, we can provide the equity to bring a project to completion.

JV Partnerships
Our ability to understand and to envision a development allows us greater flexibility and gives us the competitive edge.

Portfolio acquisitions
We have the ability to work on multiple assets concurrently. Our team can assess the opportunities and work within targeted time lines to achieve the success needed in this current environment.

Property redevelopment
In this age of intensification, we understand what it takes to maximize an asset and achieve the highest return for our partners. We have been involved in many redevelopment projects.

CAP rate based investment
We can acquire assets based solely on investment income. Certain assets may have recently been redeveloped or capped with long term leases in place. We can assess those assets and acquire, finance or aid in the disposition of those assets.

Brown field redevelopment
With intensification and redevelopments happening within the cities, there are many circumstances where historic uses may have had negative impacts on the environment and the site. We work with the consultants, engineers, government officials, and contractors to achieve a site that is clean and safe and developable.